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About Hill Farm Self Storage

Self Storage

Our Self Storage facility at Hill Farm was, until recently home to our pedigree dairy herd. We have recently centered our farming activities on farm assured Welsh beef and lamb production.

Following the move away from dairy farming, we have diversified our business to offer high quality self storage for business and private use. Conveniently situated between Cardiff and Caerphilly, we are able to easily serve both areas, Lisvane, Thornhill, the surrounding regions and beyond. Check our location page.

Cardiff self storage

Hill Farm forms part of the green backdrop to the north of Cardiff and is close to the M4 motorway, enjoying a spectacular view over the City of Cardiff to the Bristol Channel and the coast of Somerset.

We are an established family-run business with local history going back three generations.

The farm house itself is steeped in history and can be traced back more than four and a half centuries. Our storage facility is one of the ways we have diversified to take advantage of our location and facilities. We are always looking to improve and upgrade our facilities. We like to make sure we are offering a competitive service.

If you visit us, take a moment to examine the stunning scenery and enjoy the tranquil location.